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Hello Folks, its Akshay Sharma from  Akshay Editz, today in this post I am gonna show you how to edit your photos like Aqua Teal and give you that Aqua Teal which I personally handcrafted for you guys. So you can get this Aqua Teal Camera Raw preset of 2020 for free.

So this presets I personally handcrafted and you can use this color presets in your photos and make your photos to pop out from the rest and make your Instagram profile to look better. So basically I will give you this Camera raw preset for free of XMP File.

Below are some of the examples on which we have applied these presets in Photoshop and see how actually it looks on the photograph.

A quick preview of the Aqua teal Camera Raw Preset | Instagram


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Moody Summer Aqua Teal Camera Raw Preset Look in the Photograph

Before                                                                                                                                                  After

Aqua Teal camera Raw Preset

Before                                                                                                                                                     After

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You can observe absolutely and very edited pics just like him in one click so you move the photo from to amazing at just one click and then can use the particular preset.

In years on Instagram, this sort of shade tones is famous nearly the profile and Instagrammers utilize this form of shade effect and produce the concern look very innovative and wonderful.
Notably, in times moody tones are extremely famous on Insta-gram plus matt looks in the photograph stipulates a style also creates your issue look increasingly seem cute.

Download Moody Summer Aqua Teal Camera Raw Preset For Free:- Download XMP File

Download Aqua Teal camera Raw Preset For Free:- Download XMP File

How to Install Camera Raw Presets in Adobe Photoshop?

=> Go to My Computer (for Windows User)
=> Click on C:/ Drive
=> Click on User
=> Go to your User Name Folder (Eg. Your computer name)
=> Show your Hidden Files & Folder Option. Check it
=> Go to AppData folder
=> Click on Roaming/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings Folder
=> Just Paste My Top 10 Teal Orange Preset Files into this setting folder.
=> Close all & refresh it.
=> Restart your Photoshop.
=> Go to Camera Raw Filter.
=> Open Preset Tab.
=> Click on User Preset.
=> You will find all installed preset there.
=> Enjoy the preset.

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